Botox is a medical procedure and a prescription product, so physician approval is required prior to your appointment. Before you're treated we'll need some basic information and a brief medical history specific to Botox treatments.

Once approved by one of our Medical Directors you'll become an Encore Nurses patient. From here on out any time you want to schedule an Encore Nurses appointment, you can go straight to the Established Patient Scheduler to request another appointment, pending final confirmation by the Encore Nurse.

With Botox Express service, Certified Botox Injection Specialists™ provide treatments quickly through Encore Nurses in your home, in a medical office setting at our new location in Salon Lofts in Davidson or Charlotte, or at M.D. Laser Studio in Mooresville, NC.

If you would like to be treated on-site at M.D. Laser Studio and you have never been treated by Encore Nurses or the Laser Studio, please click the "BXP @ M.D. Laser Studio" button below.

BXP @ M.D. Laser Studio